About us

Chris WebChris Szigeti & Associates Pty Ltd has operated successfully on the Gold Coast for the past 28 years. Chris Szigeti himself has over 30 years’ experience in the Finance industry and holds a Diploma of Mortgage lending from the Securities Institute of Australia and holds an Australian Credit Licence. A few years back we shortened Chris Szigeti & Associates to CSA FINANCE, we also advertise our internet site under the name of www.mortgagescando.com.au

Chris is also on the board of Directors and Founding Member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA). Chris is highly skilled in lending funds to1st & 2nd Private Mortgage clients. Chris is very passionate about finance and he believes in professionalism, integrity and a “fair go” for all his clients.

Chris is experienced in all areas of lending including ALL Types of Mortgages/Investment/ Lo Doc Lending/Equipment Finance/ Leasing / Hire /First Home Buyers/ Credit Impaired. Chris has a strong knowledge of the Finance Industry at large. Chris thinks outside of the box, so if you have been declined by the bank or another brokerage, Chris may be able to assist or put you on track to a future purchase.

If you’re buying a home for the first time of the umpteenth time…talk to us at CSA FINANCE & MORTGAGES CAN DO

Why use a Broker? It’s because we know the lenders policies and how they will treat different circumstances. Knowing who to put an application to and how to make it fit is the true trade mark of a good broker.
You’ll have peace of mind knowing we work with a vast array of lenders and receive comparisons of available products.

CSA FINANCE & MORTGAGES CAN DO have access to numerous financial lenders in Australia with over 100s of different loan options.
Let us finance the right home loan option for you!!