Private Mortgages


These types of loans are for business people who are having trouble obtaining a loan through your traditional lender. The greatest benefit for your clients who require a Private Mortgage is to find a reliable company that would treat every customer individually and remain your customer. That’s where Chris Szigeti & Associates has been operating successfully as a Private Lender for over 30 years; we are and have been here for a long time and have a bucket load of funds to lend.


We can lend up to 75% LVR depending on security, loan amount and location.
Loan Terms 6 months to 5 years with payments in advance if required.
We lend to any worthwhile business purpose where Residential and Commercial security is offered (conditions apply).
We can lend on securities in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, & SA.
Majority of setup costs can be added to the loan amount.
Second mortgages available under $150,000.
Our rates start from 11 % pa for First Mortgages and between 20 – 28% pa for Second Mortgages (subject to lenders terms and security).

If you have already been to a Private Lender and they have said NO!! Don’t give up – we look at loans from all angles and just because one Private Lender said NO, doesn’t mean I will.

Buy a Million Dollar Property with Bad Credit
Simply because someone has bad credit does not mean they cannot qualify to purchase the home of their dreams. Too often, banks are turning people away based on what has happened in their past and not reflective of their current position.

Chris and Kim have a team of investors who look beyond the credit and into the reasons. Private money is focused on the equity involved more so than the people purchasing the property.

As we approach the summer, the peak property buying season, take advantage of our team of investors who have money to lend today.

Get a decision in days not weeks. Interest rates lower than you think, with lowers costs than you would expect – call us today.

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